My cultural heritage is Chinese/Malaysian, born in Kuala Lumpur, but my family migrated to Sydney when I was only one. Growing up in Australia has allowed me many great opportunities and a lifestyle that may not have been quite the same if I grew up elsewhere. As a kid, we would travel back every few years to visit relatives, so it still allowed me to gain insights and a deeper appreciation of both cultures. I've always carried a sense of curiosity in me, either through exploring my surroundings or getting to know someone or something (namely food).

I like to think the Asian in me keeps me technical and a bit of a nerd when it comes to filmmaking, whilst the Aussie in me allows my creative juices to run wild and take risks. At the end of the day, I want the projects I work on to have a quality that reflects a voice inside of me, one that is honest and carries emotion, something that may not seem obvious, but it is conveyed through the shots, the mood, the energy of the video.

For me, filmmaking came about when a friend bought a Hi-8 camera and got me to start making videos with it. Coupled with my inquisitive nature, having a video camera was a perfect tool to explore the world with. The one video that really instigated a more serious interest in filmmaking was traveling to Cambodia in 2002 on a trip to help in local communities sharing good news, teaching kids to brush their teeth and taking them to the beach, which for some was for the first time in their lives. After editing together a little documentary video from that trip, I was inspired by the chance to share those visuals with an audience that I could communicate something powerful to them. During those years I was also B-boying, which became quite complementary filming competition battles and documenting the hip-hop scene. All this led me to study a degree in Arts Communications.

Following on from university, my first big break was in 2009 working at @Radical.Media Sydney, where I was able to learn a very broad spectrum of roles across both production & post-production, assisting on some incredible projects (6 Beers of Separation, The Art of Walking, The Poker Star) and learning from some of the best Directors, Producers and other key crew members.

Since that time, I've continued to freelance with many other production companies, always with a focus to be on-set (worked on the feature film 'Redd Inc.'), developing my skills in Directing and Cinematography from mentors, technicians and other creatives, often through observation or self-taught. Having SAIK PRODUCTIONS is a way to keep building upon the skills I have learned and to apply it to my own work, which allows me to challenge myself and to work alongside other creatives and clients. I love capturing the detail in things that may sometimes be missed, to communicate visually what gives something that energy, identity and life.

I very much look forward to meeting you at some stage, whether it be to exchange ideas over a snack, or to create something unique for a project. Till we meet!